Every altitude, every angle, we have it covered.

Our high performance, complex aircraft means we can get precisley the view you need at virtually any altitude from 5 to 25,000 ft.

Drone Technology

We utilize the latest drone technology to provide views that range up to 400′ (per FAA regulation)

sUAS & Drone Video

A little taste of our drone video work, including snips from our spot on National Geographic's series One Strange Rock.

Camera Technology

In the early days, Aerial Associates pioneered services providing demographic data collection via photography, as well as traditional-use images. At the time, large format film cameras were the go-to tool. Things have changed a bit since the 60s, and today we utilize a host of the latest technologies – DSLR and mirrorless cameras with the best lenses, sensors and megapixel ratings, gimbals and gyro systems, 4k 60fps video systems, drone and small UAV platforms, and so on. We constantly update our equipment to remain at the forefront of whats available because we are obsessed with providing the best results possible. Match theses with our aviation expertise and extensive knowledge of getting work done in our complex nation airspace system, and you have the most capable photo and video production team anywhere.

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