Drone Zone

By on November 28, 2016

Welcome to the Drone Age

An explosion of these little 4, 6 and 8-armed “copters” has hit the U.S. (and world at large) providing us with an incredibly flexible new tool.


Despite their shared appearance with the offerings found in your local Toys-R-Us’ or Wal-Mart’s “remote controlled” isle, professional-use drones are certainly sophisticated machines. These new tools allow us to capture imagery and data and in a relatively narrow altitude range that, until now, was primarily done with cranes. 100′-400′ above the ground is a tough altitude to get at, as it is far higher than a ladder can reach but (generally) too low for manned aircraft to get to.


Having added drones to our toolbox, Aerial Associates is now capable of covering every altitude from ground level up through 20,000 feet.

Why should you be excited about drones?

  • Cost
    • In general, it is less expensive to operate a drone than it is a manned aircraft. These savings are passed onto the client.
  • Risk
    • Imagine a client needs photos of a packed stadium – instead of hovering a 3,000lb helicopter with 100 gallons of jet fuel over crowds of people, you simply launch a 3lb fuel-less drone instead. The risk reduction benefits are obvious.
  • Noise
    • The only noise drones produce is a light buzzing, as opposed to a large combustion engine of a manned aircraft. This allows operation in noise-sensitive areas.
  • Speed
    • Time is money, and time saved is money saved. In the appropriate applications, using drones will drastically increase the speed your project or data is captured.


Why Choose Aerial Associates?

Aerial Associates was the second company in the state of Michigan to receive the “Section 333” commercial drone operator’s waiver. The FAA, especially at first, was extremely conservative with their awarding this 333 waiver. Why did the FAA feel we deserved this privilege over the thousands of other request submissions?

  • Our pilot’s experience: we have multiple Certified Flight Instructors (CFI) and Airline Transport Pilots (ATP) totaling many tens of thousands of hours of flight time on staff.
  • Our company’s experience: Aerial Associates is the oldest aerial photography company in Michigan
  • Our record of safety: we have an accident and incident free record despite a large number of operations over decades.

Aerial Assocates now operates our sUAS vehicles under 14 CFR Part 107

Remember: anyone can order a drone online and start flying, but only Aerial Associates has the genuine aviation experience to fully unlock the capabilities of these exciting and intriguing machines.