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By on June 13, 2016

About Us

Since 1962, Aerial Associates Photography has been supplying its clients with the highest quality, most unique and memorable photographs available.

In the last 50+ years, we have accumulated 27,000 hours of flight time and photographed over 35,000 sites throughout the United States and Canada. With our 200+ mph long range airplanes, we can cover multiple sites in different states in the very same day. It is not unusual for a single flight to photograph thirty sites or more. Large aerial photograph orders with multiple sites can easily be accomplished.


Our incredibly skilled professionals specialize in photographing a site from the air, landing the airplane nearby, and then returning to the site on foot to create interior and exterior images. We are able to offer a complete photographic survey of apartment buildings, industrial sites or retail establishments from one reliable, high-quality source.

John Sullivan’s (owner, president) fine pilot skills have allowed him to specialize in air-to-air photography. He has photographed military jets, gliders and commercial airliners while flying in close formation. Many of his photos have been featured on magazine covers and calendars.

Our pilots’ combined decades of experience joined with state of the art digital camera systems guarantee a job well done.

Click the glider to read John’s article on soaring, an Ann Arbor Observer feature!





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